Help us purchase St Michael’s

Church & Hall

“Your people will rebuild long-deserted ruins, building anew on foundations laid long before you.  You will be known as repairers of the cities and restorers of communities.”

Isaiah 58:12


The current owners purchased the church in 2010 for £350,000. A week later, an arson attack caused damage to the church but the main structure remains intact.

Our plan is to buy the Church and Hall so we can restore it back to it’s former beauty.

How you can help

We need you to donate to our cause so we can raise enough money to cover the cost of this building. we aim to raise £175,000. We also ask that you pray for us, that we reach our target amount

“We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to those who have given and pledged to help and a thank you in anticipation of others who will help us with this vision.”


Minister Penny Gordon.

Ark of the Lord

Lloyds Bank PLC,

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Goal: £175,000
Funds Received: £14,500
Pledges: £24,950